About us

What the heck is Blue Rooted?

Blue Rooted is an apparel and decor company specifically built to service the distinguished residents of Delco. Born and raised in Havertown (HTown), our plan is to roll out more products as they become available and we're always looking for more ideas. Please feel free to email your product idea here and we'll tap our team of designers to bring it to life.

Live Here. Die Here

It's not really a motto, but more of fact of life. Delco and more specifically, HTown is one of the places in the country that people just don't seem to want to leave. We felt someone needed to capture the essence of what it means to be from here in wearables and other home decor items. Stay in touch and you'll be the first to see how we plan to spread HTown and Delco pride.

Form more information, email us.

Thanks for your time,
Meg, Matt, MaryAnn & Steve
Blue Rooted